An expert sourcing company with 24 years of industry experience representing a large vendor base in diverse product line.

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About Velocity Fashion

Velocity Fashion is an India based expert sourcing company based on 24 years of Industry experience representing a large vendor base in diverse product line to meet customer’s requirements the world over.

VF’s development process is based on business and environmental integrity, timeliness and highly customised designs made to exceed the expectations of today’s clients. VF guarantees the progressive retailer uncompromized quality and competitive price points suitable for modern consumers of men‘s, women’s and children footwear and apparels.

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Why Us

Velocity Fashion is a dynamic, commercially focused company who work closely with their clients to provide a tailored offering that meets their demands without compromise.

We understand what our customers want from us. Quality is integral to us. Our vast and ever expanding knowledge of the international fashion industry keeps us a head above the rest, and we are able to gauge the trend of the market well in advance.


Our team is well balanced and comprise of best and highly motivated professionals who have an extensive on the job experience in their respective fields & have worked for top global retailers. The teams consists of qualified specialist technicians for each product category , a specialist with long experience with International laboratories to take care of customers’ all testing requirements , experienced QC’s and merchandisers. 

  • “We invite you to come and partner with us, to create and supply the world’s best footwear and garments for the best customers.”

Our Services

  • Sourcing

    We are a fashion goods sourcing and procurement agency representing international brands for buying from India. We take utmost care of their buying requirements and work as their own centralized office in India to protect their business interest.

  • Quality Inspections

    1. Fabric Inspections.
    2. Leather Inspections.
    3. Dupro Inspections.
    4. inal Random Inspections and 100% Inspections.
  • Factory Technical Audit

    We have an in depth module for assessing & analyzing the capacity & capabilities of manufacturing facilities with the process of evaluating them on the following processes:·

    1. Quality Management systems ·
    2. Documentation control ·
    3. Supplier Management ·
    4. Production controls ·
    5. Control of Non-confirming materials ·
    6. Corrective Action Remedial Action plans ·
    7. Equipment & Equipment maintenance·
    8. Site Conditions

  • C-TPAT Audit

    Based on the requirements of US Customs & Border Protection, we conduct this audit to ensure a more secure supply chain for the employees of facility, their suppliers & customers. We conduct C-TPAT audits at facilities to validate them on the following requirements of Customs-Trade Partnership Against terrorism(C-TPAT) :·

    1. Business Partner Security ·
     2. Container Security ·
     3. Physical access Controls ·
     4 . Personal Security ·
     5. Procedural Security ·
     6. Security Training & Threat Awareness ·
     7. Physical Security· 8. Information Technology Security.

  • Corp. Social Resp. Audit

    Under this program, our company ensures that the facilities meet corporate social responsibility values, health & safety codes, ethical standards and best industry practices through a transparent & measurable approach of reporting result.

    We investigate on factories Social roles on:-·
    1. Child Labour
    2. Forced Labour
    3. Under waged
    4. Over time waged
    5. Working hours
    6. Social benefits
    7. Health & Safety
    8. Protection of the Environment


Products Categories

We at Velocity Fashion deals with variety of products including...

  • Apparels

    Ladies , Children

  • Accessories

    Scarves, Begs, Belts

  • Footwear

    All kinds of men, ladies, kids leather and PU footwear

  • Home Textiles

    Various kind of home textiles.

  • Handcrafted Gift Items

    In stone , Wood , Brass and other metals , Glass and Ceramic.

  • Pet Accessories

    Collars , leash , feeding bowls , pet toys and all kinds of pet accessories.

  • Special Items

    Medical aids , rehab assisting components.

  • All kind of men, ladies, kids leather and PU footwear.

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  • Fashion Textiles

P: +91 879161733

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.